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image of cover of Credo showing saltmarshes and sailing boats on river

Credo - poems. Mervyn Linford. Paperback ISBN 978-1-869848-14-9, 72 pages, £9.00. 26 May 2017.

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Video of Mervyn Linford reading some poems from Credo.

Poems of Suffolk and the Essex saltmarshes, of the creeks, the fleets, the seascapes and the skies, in which science and imagination vie to measure up to the experience of nature. Mervyn Linford hymns and chronicles the birds, fish, and flora of his solitary seeing with loving attention to the colours and forms of the estuaries in all weathers – and recalls visits to the cinema, the great cathedral of Chartres, and the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme.

‘Mervyn Linford’s Credo is his ninth poetry collection. Looking with precision and warmth at many themes including childhood, family and stepping abroad, his main focus is his relationship with nature, chiefly in the context of the Essex estuaries…questioning how his natural environment formed and continues to form him. Everything is immediate and first hand as, with echoes of Wordsworth and Joyce, he is smithied by nature.’
— Tim Cunningham

‘His atmosphere and tone are what makes his work so distinctive. These poems…convey a strong sense of affinity with the landscape.’
— Neil Leadbeater.

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