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photo of man in kitchen seen through door in darkness

photo of Julian Flanagan

Kitchen 12.07 a.m. Julian Flanagan Paperback, 58 pp. ISBN 978-1-869848-22-4. £9.99. 27 November 2018.

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Kitchen, 12.07 a.m., is the second collection of poems by Julian Flanagan (1962-2018). Many first appeared in magazines such as The Spectator, Ambit, The Rialto, The Reader, Envoi, Iota, and The Manchester Review. His poems were short-listed in the Teignmouth Festival and Plough Poetry Prizes.

Mario Petrucci described Flanagan’s first collection as “Flecked with arresting imagery, Cooking with Cancer looks and looks again…it refuses to flinch.” (Although Kitchen, 12.07 a.m., comes cancer-free, wrote Julian.)

His poems can be celebratory, elegiac, or pithy -


We tap text, puncture separation
with a line of drill heads: xxxxx

Preacher-haunted motorways lie beside sleeping queen bees waiting to govern; a baby struggles through her first breaths; the Tardis jumps a middle-aged man back to his Cheshire childhood; a lawnmower cuts the air in a Jamaican stairwell; a boiler ticks reassuringly through the small hours.

A freelance journalist, Flanagan wrote for The Times, Time Out, FT Weekend, FT Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent on Sunday and economist.com. His articles included interviews with Don McCullin, Ralph Steadman, Stella Rimington, Jack Straw, Susan Hill, Billy Bragg and Howard Jacobson; and reportage on the unsung heroes of London’s 7/7 bombings, a dawn run in Florence, Dubai’s late night Ramadan cricket tournaments, beer and breakfast in Smithfield, and Soweto’s first health spa.

After correcting the proofs of this book, Julian Flanagan died on 29 August 2018.

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